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Charlie Walker is our current Chairman taking over in 2012.

Charlie has been a member of the B.S.G. Committe and has competed in stick shows at the highest level all over the country and was placed within the top 10 stickmakers in the country.

One of our committee members, Brian Waters, is now a member of the B.S.G. Committee.


Pete Wheeler, our past Chairman and founder is now our life President. He is a well respected woodcarver and craftsman, who ran evening classes for carvers in Ringwood for many years.

Pete also has a keen interest in the craft of stickmaking and he and a few others recognised the need for a self-help group in our area.

In 2004 the first meetings took place and now we meet several times a year, usually, at St Ives & St Leonards Village Hall near Ringood.

Our Aim is to promote all aspects of the Stickmakers craft and to encourage beginners and the less experienced.

All our members are encouraged to belong to the BSG (British Stickmakers Guild) and come from far and wide and are by no means restricted to Hampshire and Dorset.

Please contact:
Mike Tuck or Charlie Walker


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