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The Hants & Dorset Stickmakers are a group of like-minded individuals who like to practice the various forms of making walking sticks.

These can range from simple thumsticks and one-piece sticks, cut straight from the hedgerow, to more elaborate "horn" sticks and those with carved or turned heads.

We're a friendly and relaxed bunch with an informal committee who try their best to organise workshops, visits and events to interest our members. We have at least two visits to the woods each year in the Spring and Autumn, where we encourage members to cut their own sticks for seasoning.

It takes about a year for a stick of 1" diameter to dry out before work can commence. Sometimes we cut "block" sticks from the trunk of a tree, if there is a suitable shoot growing straight up towards the sun. These block sticks can be 3 or 4" in diameter and take correspondingly longer to season. It's worth all the effort to eventually create a one-piece shepherds crook or a knobstick.

Well I hope I've wetted your appetite, so come along and meet us at one of the shows we attend but in the meantime have a look at the site pages for examples of our work.


The Hants & Dorset Stickmakers were joint organisers with Ringwood Woodcarvers and others of the:                "DORSET DO"

This show is no longer running as after 10 years we decided there were insufficient numbers attending to make it worthwhile.

Our thanks to all the helpers and exhibitors who have played such a big part in the show for many years.






The Club was formed in 2004 by Pete Wheeler, we are a self-help group of stickmakers, meeting regularly at the St Leonards & St Ives village hall just over the border in Dorset.

Our meetings are usually on a Sunday.

As well as regular meetings and working days we have a busy programme including special events, demonstrations and stick-cutting days in the woods and coppices around Hampshire and Dorset.

We have a close relationship with "Ringwood Woodcarvers" and a lot of us are members of both groups and we often share a stand together at local shows.

We aim to encourage the craft of stickmaking and new members are always welcomed, regardless of experience.


We would love to hear from you so go to the contacts page and send an email

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