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Ringwood Woodcarvers

The Beginners Leaf Project

The photographs below show the stages involved in carving the "LEAF" relief carving that all beginners achieve.


A leaf has been drawn around with a pencil and then outlined using a "Vee" chisel. The background was then removed with a gouge.


A different leaf which has been outlined and the top contours started to be introduced.


The top of the leaf has been contoured and the veins are indicated using the vee tool.

Here the leaf and the background have been smoothed using abrasive paper and the leaf outline undercut using a Skew chisel.


This leaf shows the more advanced technique of leaving the veins raised, more true to life but also more difficult.

Further Teaching Topics

We don't profess to be teachers but some of our members are experts in certain specialities.

Occasionally we run informal sessions for small groups who can be instructed on these subjects.

We have already covered "Carving the Human Head" and "Welsh Love Spoons"

Future topics may include:

Carving a Caricature in "Deep Relief"

Carving an Autumn Leaf in the Round"

More to follow

Photos below of some of our newer members work 

By Joyce Pitt
By Matt Lane
By Terrence Pitt
By Keith Wilcox

Carving the Human Head